Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the Equal Opportunity Community Initiative invests in improving the quality of life and advances the rights of children and youth. Focus areas include; Educational Development Centers, Libraries, Computer Labs and providing ongoing specialized, innovative training programs and services, building essential life skills, and driving social transformation.

By providing equal treatment and respect, the Equal Opportunity Community Initiative empowers their program participants to gain competency, realize their full potential, improve their productivity and well-being, and builds capacity in projects focused on helping the underprivileged.

A world in which every child attains the right to equal treatment and the opportunity to succeed in life.

To provide critical support to vulnerable children and communities.


  • We value the collective and collaborative efforts that are so essential to our success and to creating sustainable impact.
  • We demonstrate respect in committing to local, on the ground involvement, with awareness and sensitivity given to the needs, values and traditions of local communities and cultures in which we are rooted.
  • We hold to ethical and professional standards in all of our organizational endeavors and in doing so we are committed to using funding and resources wisely.

A team of international staff and enthusiastic volunteers out to make a difference - no cause is too small, no effort too big!

We believe that as a child grows with respect and dignity, as a cherished member of society they will learn to trust and believe in themselves, and with this self-assurance each child can recognize their potential.


Featured Projects

Computer Lab

This project provides well-equipped Computer Labs to create opportunities for research, recreation and IT skills.

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