Equal Opportunity volunteers along with Jingo’s Jungle celebrated the start of the Eid al-Adha holidays with 80 underprivileged children from Jameiat Ra'ayat al-Yateem (Amman), Dar Ra'ayat al-Atfal Amman (Ashrafieh) and Jameiat Omar bin Khattab (Zarqa), with several of the children receiving Eid haircuts as well. Sumer Lyall said, “Bumper cars, amusement rides, and roller coasters were a great start to the holidays for all present and we appreciate Jingo’s Jungles sense of corporate social responsibility in giving back to the community in this wonderful way.”

50 kids enjoyed a fun morning with Equal Opportunity volunteers, playing games, dodging balls, getting balloons and their faces painted. Thanks to PRIME Cinemas, the younger kids enjoyed watching the 3D Smurfs movie and teenagers viewed the 3D Three Musketeers… all the while enjoying pop-corn and a drink.

Today marked the opening of a Library, set up as a comfortable environment and designed to inspire education and knowledge, encourage literacy and support lifelong-learning habits, for all residents of the sole female protection center in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Providing access to local and global information, the library includes a book selection of 1,021 Arabic and 211 English titles, board games, puzzles and a librarian’s computer.

Special thanks to sponsor Mrs. Shabnum Zaka Ali, Library strategist Ms. Bushra Ghannam, all the volunteers who participated in the setting up, and Istiklal Library Co. who donated puzzles and games to add to the collection of this Library.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the business and youth sectors of Amman collaborated with the Equal Opportunity Initiative, benefitting 1370 underprivileged children and orphans through 9 events.

The Ramadan phase of the Make a Smile project was made possible by Gold Sponsors: ELZAY Ready Wear Manufacturing Co. and Samarah Dead Sea Resort. Silver Sponsors: The One, Mecca Mall and Mrs. Bella Patel. Media Sponsors: Mood 92 and Beat fm 102.5. In-Kind Sponsors: Holiday Inn Dead Sea Resort and Sama Food Industries all of whom worked to provide these underprivileged children with special opportunities to improve their quality of life and to bring joy during this special time of year.

The Equal Opportunity Initiative conveys its best wishes on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr and wishes the people of Jordan a very Happy Eid.

Smiles were brought to the faces of the 28 girls currently in Markaz al-Khansa’ (Ruseifah) as members and volunteers of the Equal Opportunity team as well as sponsors shared Iftar together before unveiling the Library Room that has been set up for the girls to benefit from.

Each girl was presented with a personal gift consisting of a book of their choosing as well as shampoo. The remaining furniture and the collection of 1,000 books will be placed in the Library on September 15.

Today 140 children from Gaza Camp (near Jerash) benefited of the “ride of their lives” at Jingo’s Jungle … a pirate ship, roller coaster and bumper cars were among the exciting thrills the children experienced. Iftar was provided by Tkiyet Um Ali, drinks by Sama and all the children enjoyed the company of the pirate, fairy and Mr. Jingo himself as each received balloons, face painting, dolls for the girls, soccer balls for the boys and donuts for all. Special thanks to Mrs. Bella Patel who sponsored this event for those in need.

Over this one week period, volunteers of the Equal Opportunity Initiative coordinated their efforts to work on the book strategy for a new library to be set up in Markaz al-Khansa’ (Ruseifah) a young women's protection centre, sponsored by Mrs. Shabnum Zaka Ali in loving memory of her parents, Mr. Zaka Ullah Riaz and Mrs. Naseem Zaka Riaz.

Special thanks to Ms. Bushra Ghanem who has volunteered her time and efforts to professionally organise the book strategy and will be instrumental in the follow-up and training provided for the librarian.

Renovations are also underway to transform this space into a room of study and relaxation for the girls of this center to benefit from.

The Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea hosted a youth volunteer celebration and teambuilding event for participants in the ‘Make a Smile’ project. The volunteers enjoyed a special afternoon of pool games, a buffet dinner, prizes and a beach volley ball tournament as a celebration for their achievements during Ramadan. Since launching in April this year, the youth volunteer team have benefitted over 2,400 underprivileged children through 15 events and are making a measurable difference for those in need.

60 Children from the Mubarrat Um al-Hussein Center in Marka joined ‘Make a Smile’ and arrived for an enjoyable afternoon at Jingo’s Jungle, a themed entertainment center located in City Mall. Each child received the full package of fun and entertaining rides. Gifts were passed out at dinner, with the Iftar meals provided by Tkiyet Um Ali.


The Equal Opportunity Initiative in collaboration with Climbat Amman brought 30 youth/children from the Dar al-Ayat al-Atfal Center for orphans to an exclusive ‘Make a Smile’ excursion. Led by a team of professional climbing instructors, and decked out in ropes and safety gear, the children took to the rocky walls and experienced the thrill of pushing themselves to the 30 meter mark. The instructors took each child through multiple levels of training: building coordination, focus and team working skills. The event concluded with gifts and an Iftar dinner in the high rise cafeteria.

Over 1,000 orphans and underprivileged children, caretakers and volunteers were brought together from the corners of Jordan for one purpose… to celebrate a Ramadan evening as a family! Organized by the Equal Opportunity Initiative, with the support of Gold sponsors: ELZAY Ready Wear Manufacturing Co., Samarah Dead Sea Resort and Silver sponsors: THE ONE and Mecca Mall, the beneficiaries enjoyed a fun event at the Hussein National Park.

Beginning with Sky-High jumping castles and trampolines, the children then received gifts and enjoyed Iftar. Topping the event local artists performed for the children in the amphitheatre, first a magician who surprised the audience with his tricks, a live band that got everyone singing, and lastly a dance performance ending with everyone hitting the floor to learn new moves.

The Equal Opportunity team, our sponsors and volunteers feel pride in seeing the smiles brought to the faces of these children in need during the Holy Month of Ramadan and will continue the Make a Smile project benefiting over 2,000 children in 2011.

The ‘Make a Smile’ project, organized by the Equal Opportunity Initiative, launched its first Ramadan events last week in cooperation with Mecca Mall. Spread over three days, hundreds of underprivileged children from Markaz al-Aytam il-Mugablein, Markaz al-Aytam il-Bayader, Dar al-Ayat al-Atfal, Theodor Schneller and Jameia Nasmeeal il-Urdun benefitted of a joyful celebration of their Ramadan night, being treated to an Iftar meal, excursion, animation activities and gifts. The events in Mecca Mall provided a successful launch for the project, which will be followed by many more events benefitting at least 1,500 underprivileged children during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan ‘Make a Smile’ project has launched, benefitting underprivileged children throughout the Kingdom of Jordan and the Equal Opportunity team would like to highlight the sponsors who are making this possible:

• Gold Sponsors: Samarah Resort and ELZAY
• Silver Sponsors: THE One and Mecca Mall

Ten girls from the Dar Al Nahadah il-Binat Orphanage in Amman experienced a tasty baking workshop at Sugar Daddy’s bakery, with chef’s teaching them to make and decorate their own chocolate cupcakes. Decorated with a flowery theme, Sugar Daddy’s bakery provided a holiday event especially catered to the orphans attending. Special thanks to our friends from Sugar Daddy’s for making this all possible!

In collaboration with Prime cinema, Equal Opportunity Initiative was able to benefit another 86 underprivileged children this month. With the assistance of youth volunteers, the children enjoyed different ‘fun stations’ including games, face painting and balloon bending before going to the cinema for a 3D showing of Kung Fu Panda 2. Hearing the sounds of excitement and seeing smiles left the team feeling honored to give these children an experience that they’ll never forget.

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