The Ultimate MMA Academy/Team Mirza, in cooperation with the Equal Opportunity Initiative, launched the first self-defense workshops for 18 girls between the ages of 8-11 years from the Dar Al Nahadah il Binat Orphanage in Amman. The girls attended intensive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes which play an essential role in keeping them in shape, teaching them to defend themselves while at the same time boosting their self esteem and confidence. At the closing ceremony each of the girls received a certificate of completion with the four highest achieving girls being awarded a full scholarship with Team Mirza to continue their training and further develop their skills. The great success of this pilot program has led to plans for continued workshops for underprivileged children throughout the Kingdom. The classes were taught by Brazilian Black Belt Francimar "Bodao" Barroso and Middle East BJJ champions Gardena, Nabas and Jahed.

A team of Equal Opportunity youth volunteers joined the summer camp organized at the King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman. Providing a variety of animation and musical activities, they entertained and had great fun with the children who are being treated or have family members hospitalized. Thanks to the KHCC and the Equal Opportunity team, the children participating had a wonderful time, making this day in the summer camp a joyous event and one to remember.

The Equal Opportunity Initiative arranged for 170 underprivileged children to attend the Barney and Friends Show at the Cultural Palace. Thanks to the Princess Taghrid Institute who made this event possible, children from the Theodor Schneller School, Mubarrat al Hussein Orphanage, Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development and Dar al-Ayat al-Atfal enjoyed the event with a lot of fun and smiles brought by Barney and the Little Big Club band.

Climbat Amman, sponsored a team building event for the Equal Opportunity Initiative members and youth volunteer team, including climb training to increase effective team collaboration in the field.



The Equal Opportunity Initiative donated approximately 700 books to Mubarrat al-Hussein Center in Marka, and 150 books to Our Lady of the Mount Orphanage, Anjara to be added to the existing libraries for the children of the centers.



25 underprivileged children came from Anjara, to enjoy a day of fun in the sun, sand and water! Special thanks to all those who collaborated on this Equal Opportunity charity event… the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea for the use of the facilities and providing the lunch… the Right to Play, an international humanitarian organisation, who played fun and educational beach games… to Transmed for providing the “Pirate’s chocolate treasures” for the kids… and to the 11 Equal Opportunity volunteers who made this day possible by managing the event and bringing plenty of fun, games and excitement to all.

Today, on International Children’s Day, we, the Equal Opportunity team are reminded of our commitment to improving the quality of life and advancing the rights of children in need. We owe thanks to all our dedicated volunteers, concerned individuals and responsible businesses who share our dreams of a world with equal treatment for all children.


Today the Equal Opportunity team donated over 10 boxes of books to the Humane Center for Animal Welfare (Amman, Jordan). The books will be monetized with the proceeds directed towards improving facility equipment and treating the working animals of the poor.


With the assistance of 16 youth volunteers, 60 orphan children from Mubarral al-Hussein (Marka) and Ajloun benefited of an Equal Opportunity. Children enjoyed the “fun stations” and grooving with the morphs before heading to the cinema for a 3D showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. Our thanks to PRIME cinemas for yet another great charity event and to Transmed for providing prizes for the children.

Today seven members of our Equal Opportunity team met together to sort and categorise over 1,000 books soon to be placed in a library for children in need… stay posted!



30 volunteers gathered to give 130 orphans from around Jordan a great time! Balloons, face painting, coloring, playing games and dancing with morphs were all a part of the experience for these less fortunate children.

Special thanks to PRIME who ended the event with a pop-corn and drink treat and a showing of the 3D animated cartoon “Rio”. Shouts of joy rang out from all the kids when Blue spread his wings to fly.

Thanks also to Transmed who donated the prizes for the kids.

Holiday Inn Resort, Dead Sea, hosted 20 orphan children from Tkiyet Um Ali.

The Equal Opportunity team arranged a day of fun in the sun, with all the kids enjoying a lunch, playing games, winning prizes and going on a pirate treasure adventure.

Equal Opportunity believes that children learn through their experiences as they use their senses to gather information about the world around them. These activities play an important role in the curriculum for children and are an excellent way to foster higher level thinking, as well as creating happy, life-lasting memories.

30 members of the Equal Opportunity youth volunteer team met at the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea for team building and the launch of their project Make a Smile.

The goal of the team is bring smiles to 2,000 faces during the holiday seasons of 2011 by treating each of these underprivileged children to a meal, a personalized gift, and activities as well a fun excursion during Ramadan and Christmas.

The 2011 Equal Opportunity volunteer initiative was formed in response to every child’s need to feel cherished by society and given the opportunity to fully experience the festivities and celebrations of their traditional holidays as a memorable and joyous occasion.



(Benefiting children of the community by providing free access to educational facilities)

On April 3, Sean and Emmy Kelly (of the Equal Opportunity Initiative) officially opened a new Computer Lab, in memory of Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub, for all children of Bethlehem. They were joined by Dr. Victor Batarseh, Mayor of Bethlehem, as he cut the ribbon to mark the official opening.

Mr. Kelly said, “This initiative provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life and advance the rights of children in need, and is an excellent way to foster higher level thinking.”


Twenty-five little patients from the King Hussein Cancer Center were treated to a morning of fun, activities, games and prizes while their parents enjoyed a catered breakfast. Children and parents alike then viewed the newly released animated film, Rango at PRIME cinemas.


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